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We offer real estate closings and title services that are convenient and cost efficient.

About Rossi Law Offices, LTD: Real Estate Division.

Rossi's Real Estate Division offers real estate closings and title services. Rossi Law Offices remains at the forefront of both law and technology, giving you the upper hand in your legal real estate matters.

Real Estate closing and title services.

The time to examine the law firms and title companies you refer to is here. Rossi Law Offices, LTD offers comprehensive real estate closing and title services. The dilligence with which a mortgage loan is approved must be matched with the dilligence in selecting the right law firm dedicated to full compliance with CFPB regulations. This is where Rossi Law Offices can help. Rossi is technologically sophisticated, consumer oriented and regulatory compliant.

Rossi Law Offices, LTD is the law firm of choice to close your mortgage loans.

Lending Institutions can refer their mortgages for closing with full confidence that Rossi Law Offices, LTD will always diligently monitor and comply with CFPB regulations. Rossi Law Offices adheres to a strict set of Best Practices, maintaining client confidence and a successfully proven legal track record.

Rossi has already adopted ALTA Best Practices.

ALTA, or American Land Title Association, created best practices to help members highlight policies and procedures the industry exercises to protect lenders and consumers, while ensuring a positive and compliant real estate settlement experience. Rossi has fully integrated ALTA best practices in their services to ensure the most reliable closing process.

Our Best Practice manual in current version is always available for review.

Licensure monitoring and updating

  • We monitor and keep up to date on all applicable and relevant licensure.

Fully Insured

  • Rossi Law Offices, LTD is fully insured with professional Liability and a Fidelity Bond.

Sophisticated system of escrow account controls

  • Our system of controls includes segregation of duties for added security. We have thorough employee oversight throughout the entire process. We do thorough employee background checks to ensure quality, effectiveness and security. We also perform a three way reconcilliation with an outside independent bookkeeper to verify account data.

Latest Information and Data Security

  • We employ the latest technology in server and workstation security with continual updating. We restrict employee use of data and independently monitor our data for irregularities. Our client data is securely stored with hard drive redundancy to protect against data loss. We have also implemented disaster recovery procedures. Our facility is protected by state of the art surveillance and security systems to protect against theft of property and data.

Well Tested Settlement Policies and Procedures

  • Rossi Law Offices is meticulous when it comes to the implementation of accounting and proceeds disbursements. Our record keeping and maintenance of financial disbursements is second to none.

Established Title Policy Production and File Maintenance

  • Rossi Law Offices offers a complete protocol for completing title exams. We make sure to carefully preserve all records using state of the art Information Technology via redundant encrypted data protection and backup. Rossi offers timely and efficient reporting.

Handling Complaints

  • We have a rigorous procedure in place for handling all complaints. At Rossi, we pride ourselves in involving attorneys from the beginning of the process. We document all complaints from beginning to end, and we have a proven resolutions procedure in place to rectify these situations should they arise.

Alta Best Practices.

Want to Know More?

Contact us for our ALTA best practices manual and to get more information on our processes and what we do.

Competitive Fees.

Rossi Law Offices, LTD realizes that regulation compliance is not the entire package.
We offer competitive fees while giving you top notch service. Special fee rates are available.

Exceptional Low Fees

  • We offer very competitive fees while still maintaining regulatory compliance.


  • Our firm offers the best choice to get the transaction closed competently and economically.


  • Innovative and novel use of technology allows us to keep our fees low.


  • Our efficiently run office system gets your closing settled fast.

Our fees are negotiable with a continued business relationship.

Convenience of Service.

  • Rossi Law Offices offers a contemporary and secure facility that is conveniently located minutes from the highway in Smithfield, RI. We offer free and ample, on premises parking.

    Jenn T.
  • To accomodate for our clients, spanish and portuguese interpreters are available at closing.

    Robert R.

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